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NLSA Live Scan Fingerprinting™, Provider of Identity Solutions

Approved and certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the California Department of Justice.  Clients find our NLSA Live Scan Fingerprinting™ Centers are conveniently located. 

Our Services

Experience unparalleled convenience and reliability with the National Live Scan Association’s fingerprinting and background check services. You gain speedy, accurate results and peace of mind with industry-certified operations.

CA Live Scan (CA-DOJ)

The CA-DOJ Live provides quick, digital fingerprinting for accurate background checks in our sunshine state of California.

Ink Card Fingerprinting

Ink Card Fingerprinting enables non-digital fingerprint submission for global background checks, and out of state Live Scan requirements.

Mobile Fingerprinting

Our Mobile Fingerprinting brings the essential service of fingerprinting directly to you, while providing convenience, and saving time.

FBI Background Check

FBI Background Checks validate an individual's criminal history, supporting trust in various professional and personal contexts.

NLSA Top Tier Fingerprinting Services

Available, Accurate & Convenient

We Value Your Decision In Allowing Us To Better Serve You.  Your Trusted Partner for Fast, Accurate, and Convenient Fingerprinting Services.

Accuracy You Can Trust

Our advanced digital fingerprinting devices reduces the possibility of errors, giving you peace of mind.

Locations Near You

Our primary location is in Culver City, CA and we have other NLSA approved venues to accommodate you.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

You'll find our mobile fingerprinting and online appointment system are designed with your busy schedule in mind.

Fingerprints And Their Little Secrets

Fingerprints, unique even among twins, have unlocked mysteries from womb to tomb, revolutionizing forensics, securing tech, and revealing secrets from ancient civilizations to modern art.

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Explore lucrative opportunities in the fingerprinting business!

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Explore lucrative opportunities in the growing fingerprinting industry. Learn, grow, succeed with our upcoming webinars and courses.

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Your Trust, Our Commitment

Discover how our clients found their perfect fingerprinting solution with us. Their trust and recommendations highlight their successful journey.

“Was the super easy experience. From what I was expecting in general being the title of the place has FBI I was a little frightened even though I had nothing to be a scared of or I wasn't hiding anything it's just a scary thing to go to I guess you could imagine in your head. Well at least for me super easy the guy who did my fingerprints was super chill respectful and totally easy on the eyes haha 😏😅💯”
National Live Scan Association | 888-498-4234 | Ink Card Fingerprinting Classes | Mobile Fingerprinting Business Classes | Commity.NationalLiveScan.org
Jeremy Horner
“I am so glad I found this place. I needed to find somewhere that did ink fingerprints and that was open during the weekend. The whole process from scheduling my appointment online and getting my fingerprints done was smooth. I have a condition where my hands sweat (a lot) and I was worried my prints wouldn’t be approved (they were). But the technician was so kind and understanding and allowed me to wipe my hands and use the fan to help get the prints I needed. They explained everything to me and even mailed my documents for me. Super professional and I highly recommend.”
Young.Shae - Google Review - Image v230710 | Customer Review | FD-258 Ink Card Fingerprinting | National Live Scan Association | Culver City Live Scan Fingerprinting Center 400 Corporate Pointe Suite 300, Culver City, CA 90230 | 888-498-4234
Shae Young
“The staff at Culver City Live Scan are so kind and helpful. They explained the process so clearly and were able to make adjustments in their schedule to help the urgency of our request. Their office is clean and inviting as well which always makes these things easier! Thank you so much to the team there, will certainly recommend to all my friends!”
888-448-4234 | C arter.Carley - Google Review - Image v230710 | Customer Review | FBI Criminal History Summary Background Check, FBI Report | National Live Scan Association | Culver City Live Scan Fingerprinting Center 400 Corporate Pointe Suite 300, Culver City, CA 90230 | 888-448-4234
Carley Carter

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